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How to use Knowledge Actions in Lightning Flow

Recently while implementing Knowledge for one of my customers, I spend quite a good amount of time doing operations on Knowledge Articles through Flow. This post will focus on two highly used Knowledge Article operations i.e. Publish and Edit.Before I go into further details, I will highly recommend you go through the below post to understand the Knowledge Data Model. Understanding Knowledge Data Model is the key as it will help you to use these actions in flow effectively and correctly. Here is the post -Understanding Salesforce Lightning Knowledge Data ModelWith the assumption that you know Data Model quite well, let’s dive in -Edit Knowledge ArticleFrom Salesforce Flow, you can now edit the Knowledge article as a draft. To do that, you need to use the action and then “Create draft from online knowledge article” Knowledge article action as shown belowHere are the parameters -Action – The possible values are “EDIT_AS_DRAFT_ARTICLE” and “EDIT_AS_DRAFT_TRANSLATION”.Unpublish – “True” will archive the current published version and create a draft version. “False” will keep the current version published and create a new draft version.Article ID: Article Id of the master published article. A draft article will be created from this one.Publish Knowledge ArticleSimilar to the above from Salesforce Flow, you can now publish the Knowledge article. To do that, you need to use the action and then “Publish Knowledge Articles” Knowledge article action as shown belowHere...

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How to update “N” records in Flow

 If you are implementing business logic through Salesforce’s flow, you might need to loop through a list of records to do some manipulation. This is a very basic requirement. If you ever need to query records from Salesforce (let’s say all accounts where the billing country is India), it is very easy to do in SOQL and Get Records flow elements. But things will become a little tricky when the requirement says “Fetch first 5 accounts based on the created date where the billing country in India”. It is definitely very easy in SOQL with the limit statement, but in Get Records flow element, there is no way to (as of Winter’21 release) limit the record.To overcome this situation, we can implement the counter mechanism which will basically make sure that when the # of loop iteration is greater than 5 (because we just need the first 5 accounts), the flow will not perform any business logic.Here is the overall flow -Here as you can see for each loop iteration, we are incrementing the counter value by 1 and then checking whether the new value is greater than 5 or not. Based on that decision element, either we are updating the account’s rating i.e. performing business logic or ignoring the business logic execution. This flow solution is definitely making sure that only for the first 5 records the business logic...

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