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Another Important Step - Trailhead Module - Navigate the Salesforce Advantage

Aha!!!. This time I need to review a new Salesforce Trailhead module - Navigate the Salesforce Advantage. This time it is not any more battleship, rather it looks to me Pirate ship. This Pirate ship will navigate us through the sea – The Salesforce Advantage sea.

This trail is for beginners in Admin, Developer, Business User scope. Once you complete this trail, you will be aware of the key differentiator that makes Salesforce unique and successful. At the same time, you will understand Salesforce’s core values, innovative technology, and vibrant ecosystem.

The first module: Salesforce Success Model
This module comes with two submodules. The first submodule – “Getting to Know Salesforce” explains what is salesforce and how salesforce will be benefits for business. The second submodule – “Introducing our Four Core Differentiators” explains the importance of customer success in Salesforce. Here we are having the Salesforce’s 1-1 model of Giving back.

Once you complete this module, you will be awarded with the below badge:

The second module: Salesforce Cloud Benefits
Like the above one, this module also comes with two submodules. The first submodule – “Succeeding with a Complete CRM” explains a very basic questions – Whether Salesforce is an app or a platform? At the same time, this submodule explains how Salesforce’s Complete CRM evolves with customer’s requirements. The second submodule – “Propelling Your Business with the Cloud” explains the basic of cloud computing and why Salesforce decided to do operation in cloud. At the same time, this section explains the benefit that customer receives being in cloud.

Once you complete this module, you will be awarded with the below badge:

The third module: Salesforce Technology Basics
This module comes with 4 submodules. The first sub module “Getting behind the trusted cloud” talks about the trust which Salesforce built to become World’s most trusted cloud platform. Describes Salesforce’s security model and I believe this module is an inspiration to check out Salesforce’s security model implementation. The second sub module “Learning the Value of Multitenancy” explains about multitenancy and the advantages of having this in Salesforce. The third sub module “Understanding the Power of Metadata” explains one of my favorite topic i.e. Metadata. This explains the how flexible the Salesforce platform is due to availability of Metadata, how upgrades can be done seamlessly die to Metadata. The last sub module “Experiencing Fast App Development and Customization” talks about different paths of fast app development and also the components available during fast app development. At the same time, this section talks about the when to go for Customization rather than Configuration.

Once you complete this module, you will be awarded with the below badge:

The final module: Salesforce Ecosystem
This module again comes with two distinct sub modules. The first sub module “Leveraging our Community, Resources, and Events” talks about the success community that Salesforce is having. At the same time, it tells you to get connected to provide/share ideas, answers and collaborate with each other. Sharing is Caring. The second sub module – “Stopping, Collaborating, and Listening” tells about the how as an individual you can connect to Salesforce via a Salesforce MVP, or through a user group or any other mediums.

Once you complete this module, you will be awarded with the below badge:
After completing this trail, I can explain Salesforce in a much better way to my customers. Requesting others also to go through this trail and make yourself comfortable. Again a special big THANKS to Trailhead for this trail.


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