Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Use Case 3 - WebSphere Cast Iron Integration - MySQL and Salesforce.com

Preface - This post is part of "WebSphere Cast Iron Cloud Integration with Salesforce.com" series.

Today I will post how you can use WebSphere Cast Iron for integrating MySQL with Salesforce. Toady, in this example, I will fetch records from MySQL Table and then create the Salesforce object based on that record. So READY, STEADY and GO!!

Note: I have used http://www.freemysqlhosting.net/ for creating free MySQL Database.

Use Case:
Below is the object structure -
MySQL table looks like  - 

Before we start implementing the above requirement, let's create the Endpoints first.
Endpoint - FTP:
Endpoint - Salesforce:

So all set. Now we will configure the integration by putting activities inside the Orchestration.
Activity# 1: Database - Get Inserted Rows:
In this activity, I will fetch the inserted rows from the database. Below are the configuration details -

Activity# 2: Add If - Else Condition:
The requirement is - if the Airport Name is blank, then terminate the process, else do an upsert into Salesforce.com
The configuration is displayed below -
Activity# 3: Salesforce Upsert Objects:
Below are the configuration details for this step - 

We are done. The final Orchestration looks like -
Test the Integration -
It's time to test the configuration. First we need to start the orchestration and we can do that from Orchestration | Start Orchestration.
After 5 seconds, if we see our Salesforce Airport object, we will be able to see that two records being created as shown below -
If you follow the steps mentioned in this post, you will be able to configure this integration very easily. 
Please let me know if you need any details. Thanks.


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