Saturday, January 24, 2015

Ideas in Salesforce

Idea is a community for users where users can post, comment, vote for Ideas. Salesforce offers Idea community at
Below are the user permission required -
  • To view and vote for Ideas - "Read" on Ideas.
  • To create new Idea - "Create" on Ideas.
  • To edit Ideas and edit comments on Ideas - "Edit" on Ideas.
Few Important Terminologies used in Ideas
  • Category, Ideas - Categories are values defined by Administrator that help to organise the Ideas into logical sub-groups.
  • Comment - As name says, this is basically the comments posted against Ideas that enable discussions.
  • Community Expert - A community expert is a member of the community who speaks for the organisation. When community expert posts a comment or idea, a unique icon displays next to his/her name. There can be multiple community expert.
  • Demote - If an Idea is not good you feel, you can click dislike button to subtract 10 points from its overall score. It decreases the idea's overall popularity.
  • Promote - Promoting an Idea will add extra 10 points to the overall score.
  • Half-life - This is the concept which will determine how quickly the old ideas are moving from the Popular Ideas subtab to make room for Ideas with more recent votes.
  • Idea Themes - It is a forum in which you invite community members to post ideas about specific topics.
  • Point - It determines the popularity of the Idea. Each vote for an Idea is worth 10 points. 
  • Status - It helps to track the progress of Idea. 


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