Friday, October 31, 2014

Different Chatter Licenses in Salesforce

In Salesforce, we have two types of Chatter Licenses. Below are they and small description to help you in choosing Salesforce Chatter license appropriate for your requirement.

Chatter Free License: User with Chatter Free License can access people, profiles, groups and files. They can make posts, view comments, upload & view files, join groups. But they can't interact with Salesforce data such as accounts, contacts or opportunities.

So if you have a requirement of allowing people to only join groups, view/participate in conversation, please allow Chatter Free License to those people.

Chatter External License: Chatter External License allows people outside the organization, such as customer, into private groups in the Chatter community. Users with Chatter External License can -
  • see the groups they belong to, and profiles of members of those groups.
  • share files common to groups they belong.
Customers with Chatter External License can only be invited to a private Chatter group.
They can see-
  • Groups and profiles of the members of groups they belong to.
  • Files shared to groups they belong to
They cannot-
  • Post to profiles.
  • See records or other Salesforce information, even in search results.
  • Be followed. Additionally, customer can't follow people or files also.
So if you have a requirement of allowing people outside of your organization i.e. your customers to join specific groups, please allow Chatter External License to those people.


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